Saturday, September 20, 2008

Creamer Commandos

These are the Creamer Commandos. That's right. Coffee creamers determined to cream the coffee (Tagline developed by wordsmith: Derek Osborne). The General, Lt. Coburn, Sfc. Stabbone, Medic Hall, Pfc. Wierzbowski, and Pfc. VonTalbane.

Creamer Commandos was a animated short I did with a few close friends. All in all, the project was a great learning experience, and a ton of fun to build from the initial sketches, all the way to babysitting 2 seperate render farms, and hiring/recording an all volunteer orchestra.

1 comment:

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Dude! That Cowboy down there freakin' rocks! Nice stuff man.

Creamer commandos. Interestingly enough, when I see them I don't necessarily want coffee... I want to talk to my milk carton.


I would IM you, but you're always "busy" and I'd never want to disturb the master at his work. YOU IM ME sometime.